Ireland: Love and Charity

Outlandish Theatre Platform presented Love and Charity (Open Theatre Practice Season IV) as part of Mother Tongues Festival on Saturday 22nd February 2020 @ 8pm at the Civic Theatre, Studio space, in Tallaght.

“Love and Charity is about life and making sense of it. Love is the pain and charity the glue, or vice versa?”

Love and Charity is a provocative one off theatre experience in which new diverse narratives and languages collide. This project is part of Women on Women (WoW), a Creative Europe small co-operations project looking at (re)presentation of women in the arts and in the public domain.

Co-created by directors and performers Bernie O’Reilly and Maud Hendricks with Anna McCann, Clara O’Reilly, Jack Beglin, Rebecca Ryan, Larry Cunningham, Harpreet Singh, Mark Dyer, Fióna Bolger, Joan Somers Donnelly, Ingrid Beatriz, Hannes Jung, Sabine Paschen.

Sound: Cameron Macaulay
Lighting: Sheila Murphy
Costume: Liadain Kaminska

Languages: Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Irish, Oromo, Bangla, Kurdish, Italian and of course the language of love…oh yes and English.

Update: PHOTO GALLERY from performance Saturday 22nd February 2020 at the Civic Theatre, Studio space, in Tallaght can be found HERE.