The travel guide book launch trip

As part of the WoW Festival, we went on a trip to the Karst, where we presented the travel guide books for the first time.

The bilingual Slovenian and English guide was published simultaneously with the guides to Croatia and Northern Macedonia. The editors and co-authors presented the books on a bus ride to the Karst region, followed by guided tours through Divača, Kopriva, and Sežana with visits to places connected with Ita Rina, Branka Jurca and the Karst quarry workers, as well as contemporary women stonemasons. The trip concluded at the Karst edge with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Trieste and the paths of Slovenian maids and women publicists.

The travel guide A Path of Their Own: 25 Excursions into Women’s History focuses on women artists, politicians, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and entrepreneurs who have paved the way to professional life for women on Slovenian territory. It presents women revolutionaries who had fought for a decent life, and the first women to make a living by doing paid work as factory workers, farmers and maids. At the same time, the guide invites us to visit the places where they had lived and worked.

Tour guides: Manca G. Renko, Tea Hvala, and Jasmina Jerant.

The guide to Croatia was presented by Tara Gudović, the guide to North Macedonia by Ivana Dragšić.


Photo credits: Photo Nada Žgank