WoW Group in Croatia


Nina Đurđević was born in 1980 in Yugoslavia (today: Slovenia), and though most of her life she thought of herself to be half-Slovenian, she isn’t. And it’s not like it matters.

She’s an educated photographer with a years long experience in documentary and commercial photography, as well as in personal photography where she mostly expresses herself through autoportraits.

For a long while she considered her photography to be of intimate characteristics, though through some time it turned out to have social, if not activist, elements. Which is a probable subconscious result of an activistic environment that had impact on her.

During her life she was formed by various experiences, starting from family and all that ensued afterwards. Brutality of this world helped her to start to change her life beliefs and to try to implement her own, love-inspired beliefs – a thing she’s been doing until today. Most of the time. If you ask her what her occupation in life is, she’ll reply “relationships”. With herself, people, life, photography. 

She’s on the edge of thinking that she actually really loves life.


Nataša Zlatović was born in Novi Grad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1993. She spent her childhood in Ruma, and reached her bachelors degree at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Novi Sad (Serbia), on topic ‘Gramsci’s Philosophy of Praxis’.

While studying, she also participated in the local Centre for Women’s Studies program and volunteered at feminist festivals. She had spent some time in Greece, as an intern in one of the refugee camps.

Since 2018 she resides in Zagreb, and in 2020 she started her MA in Sociology of culture, ethnology and culture anthropology at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Among her many interests, she particularly researches theory of gender and sexuality, marxist theory, literature and film.


Eva Badanjak (a.k.a MODROZELENA) is a musician and audio engineer who is also doing graphic design, illustrations and organizing gigs for DIY bands. Born, lives and works in Zagreb. 

Notable projects include: XZEN (ŽEN), Cabinet of Delicious Wonders, DB Indoš Kuća ekstremnog muzičkog kazališta, Živ Žar Žur, Sataraxz…

Main interests interests include posters, silkscreen print, diy electronics, synthesizers, guitar effects, woods, vegetables…


Jordi Ilić was born in Supetar, Croatia in 1993. She moved to Zagreb back in 2011 and has been living there since. She has a Master’s degree in sociology and another Master’s in ethnology and cultural anthropology from the University of Zagreb. During the day, she’s handling sales for the amazing card game Fierce Women, and when not doing that, she’s playing in a band called Tús Nua.

She has experience volunteering and working in organizations that try to improve LGBTQ+ rights. Trying to make our society more inclusive, and with equal opportunities for everyone, are one of the things that motivate her. Other than activism, Jordi really likes cats and spending time in nature. 


Ivana Pešut was born in 1988 in Požega, but currently lives in Zagreb. She studied social work and human rights and democracy, and is working as a counsellor in a feminist organization.

For the past few years her first focus of interest has been marxist feminist theory; the second has been balancing between a disintegrating line which allegedly divides work and private life.


Paula Skelin was born in Split, 1992. She has a bachelor degree in Film and Video on Arts Academy in Split. After the studies, she is moving to Zagreb, where her main activities are working and assisting on short films, production of audiovisual promo material and collaboration with various artists. She is the writer and director of various fiction, documentary and experimental short films screened at several Croatian film festivals. At the moment she is working on her new documentary film and fiction short film Loose, included in official selection European Short Pitch 2020 and funded by Croatian audiovisual centre. 

Except for her interest in film art, she is a mental health advocate.


Local coordinators of the WoW Group are Common Zone employees – Tara Gudović and Marino Čajdo.

Tara Gudović studied political sciences at University of Zagreb, after which she started a non-formal educational program in the Center for Women’s Studies (Zagreb). Through her education she also gained numerous experiences from volunteering in various civil society organizations and initiatives such as Vox Feminae, Libela and Hollaback Croatia. She is especially interested in work with children, by providing help with studying, workshop organization and other creative activities. She currently volunteers for refugees on social integration as a part of ‘Are You Syrious’ NGO.

Marino Čajdo is an activist for over a decade and collaborator for numerous civil society organizations: Zagreb Pride, Domino, Common Zone… He’s primarily focused on independent culture projects within the local community. He’s currently employed at Common Zone where he collaborates and produces programs for Vox Feminae Festival, Women on Women, cultural center Šesnaestica, … while also contributing to promotion activities and audience reach. He’s one of the founders of local drag queer collective House of Flamingo.