WoW Group from North Macedonia

Check out the group of women from North Macedonia, taking part in the WoW (Women on Women) project. Semra Bajram is currently a student at The Institute of Pedagogy, at the Faculty of Philosophy, in Skopje. She is a volunteer at The Development Association of the Roma community in Macedonia – Sumnal, where she puts together educational activities and works with both teachers and preschoolers. Tanya Mitzkov is a renowned Macedonian actress, well-known here and abroad, who also channels her creativity through painting. In her social circle, she is known to be a vocal advocate for the rights of cultural workers and has been a part of numerous eco-actions. Jasmina Muharemovikj is a volunteer at The Development Association of the Roma community in Macedonia – Sumnal. Here, she plans, conducts and participates in various language workshops and activities designed for children. Jasmina loves drawing and painting and she dedicates her spare time to perfecting this artistic talent.  Angela Vitanovska is an art historian and a curator. Her main professional focus is aimed towards critical deduction and the interdisciplinary study of art, as a tool for visual communication and re-examination of problems present in contemporary society. She is currently working as a project coordinator and author on several ongoing projects. Apart from being successful in her work with children, modern dance and fashion design, Joksana Sali is an excellent pastry chef. Speaking of successfully juggling multiple hobbies and interests, we have to mention Fetija Zendel. She is a professional football player, who also has time for hip-hop and stage performance. She has mastered sign language and Joksana and herself have put together several creative workshops for children, with a  focus on children’s physical health. If you have ever been to Kino Kultura in Skopje, you must have come across Zorica Zafirovska. When she is not at work in Kino Kultura, you can see this feminist on the streets, at The Women’s March. She is an artist with a main focus on gender and equality in her work. Asibe Useinovska is a first-year med student at the Faculty of Medicine, at Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. When this future doctor is not in class, she reads and watches TV shows. She believes self-care is not only necessary, it is an imperative. Dragana Gunin is a director with an outstanding body of work in her career, including many plays and stage performances. Most notably, her performances are known to include a strong female perspective. Dragana also works with children and teens as a part of her collaboration with the acting school at The Cultural Centre ‘’Trajko Prokopiev’’, in Kumanovo.  Izabela Jakimova is an actress and currently enrolled in The Faculty of Dramatic Arts, in Skopje. Many would recognize her from youtube, TikTok and the roles she has played in several Macedonian TV shows and shorts. Ines Ristovikj stands out with her number of varied and diverse interests. Apart from being a polyglot, she pursues photography, design, dabbles in acting and translation. Marina Atanaskoska is a doctor of dental medicine and also works as a professor at two high schools, in Skopje. If you are not already impressed by her and the fact that she is fluent in German, you can ask her to play you the violin, which is one more of her talents. Aleksandra Danailovska gained her graduate degree at The Institute for Security Defence and Peace, in Skopje and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in International Relations, at the University in Ljubljana. She works in the NGO sector and is an advocate for women’s sexual and reproductive health. Elena Petrova teaches English, translates and writes. Being surrounded by young people in her job every day, she advocates for wider awareness of the importance of everyday language and its critical reading, stepping outside of our privileges and practicing solidarity with the marginalized.