Nominations for WoW Awards are open

We are looking for heroines, fighters for equality and justice!

History has been written from the position of power in an effort to maintain in the present the existing social relations of exploitation. That there are practically no women in history, or that mostly those who were willing to maintain the social status quo are included, is not a coincidence but the principal method of maintaining the existing state of inequality.
We are looking for heroines of everyday life, fighters for equality and women’s rights, fighters for the common and community, overlooked champions of a better world. Do you know such women? Recommend them for WoW awards, which will be presented annually every March in four partner countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia and Ireland).
You can nominate only living women (by which we mean women, trans and intersex people), who have made a consistently positive impact on the struggle for gender equality and social justice in Slovenia, Croatia, Northern Macedionia and Ireland.

Perhaps they are activists, cleaners, farmers, doctors, teachers, scientists, social workers, lawyers, lecturers, artists or anything else. If they are changing our society for the better, they should be on the list of five nominees for this year’s WoW award.

Nominations are accepted until 12 January 2020.

If you are nominating women from Ireland please see more info here.

If you are nominating women from Slovenia please see more info here.

If you are nominating women from Macedonia please see more info here.

If you are nominating women from Croatia please see more info here.

Proposals can be put forward by individuals, non-governmental institutions, public institutes, chambers, unions or informal activist groups. There is no limit to the number of nominations that one person or organisation can make.