Ireland: Nominations for WoW Awards are now closed!

Thank you to all people who have taken the time to make a nomination for WoW Awards. We are now closed for nominations.

A nationwide open call out through social media and the library and hospital networks:

“Outlandish Theatre Platform has been looking for fighters for justice and equality. Who do you know that fits this profile? Nominate them for WoW Awards, a unique opportunity to champion women who go above and beyond to challenge inequalities in our society. Nominate living women in Ireland who have been consistent catalysts for equality and social justice. The term woman stands for anyone who identifies as woman. Perhaps they are activists, cleaners, farmers, carers, teachers, scientists, social workers, lawyers, researchers or artists. If they are striving to make our society a more inclusive one, they should be on the list of nominees for a WoW Award.”

All nominated women will be published online on Facebook and Instagram.

Five women will be selected by WoW Group, a peer panel of diverse women with experiences of migration and the direct provision system, and five selected women will be invited to create a theatre portrait with OT Platform’s creatives in collaboration with a renowned photographer.

We will broadcast the recipients of the WoW Awards in March 2020.

Thanks for your interest and participation in the WoW Awards activity, investigating (re)presentation of women in the public domain and the arts and advocating for equality for all.