Villa Roza Project

The phenomenon of building mass seaside apartment complexes in Dalmatia is visualized in specific architectural aesthetics and is most obvious when observed at the rather thin borderline that divides private from public – at the exaggerated facades that are themselves abundant with mass produced industrial statues, colored in pastel and intrusive tones and ornamented with false decorative elements taken out of their historical context. Such housing exteriors are usually castle–inspired and are painted in gender connoted pink hue, and as such bring dysfunction at the very image of the house as a symbol of power and wealth.

This project’s central motifs are picturesque and contemporary ruins of such apartment complexes that were not direct product of slow decay, but of violent and intended demolition processes of the illegal seaside houses, which are on the other hand more so often legalized during last few years, and only extreme examples are listed for demolition. As a visual artist, I am trying to approach at the same time wider sociological context as well as a direct causes of such romanticized approach in construction of such apartment complexes, seeing all mentioned as an intrusive visual fact, and so trying to point out all the picturesque aspects of listed motifs.