Tryptic Torso

Installation “Torso”, containing three elements, is placed in the gallery as reminiscence on Joseph Kosuth’s practice. In the 1965 work “One and Three Chairs” (composed of a chair, photography of the chair and a text about the meaning of the chair) Kosuth points towards the phenomenology of a changed exhibiting context, within which the idea of the chair changes as much as the very definition of art and its meaning. In my installation, instead of a chair, I put a plaster female torso and a horse bridle on the top of it, trying to change semantics of female torso by constructing a complex item that resulted from this situation. The relation between the female torso and horse bridle builds a unity of a new interpretation of general, (historic) increasing destruction of women, split in traditional male and female roles within all-present hegemony of patriarchy. Artwork “Torso” has tendency to leave formal sigh (meaning) since the torso in a new, (exhibited), situation is experienced as reflection of a problem that visually deconstructs regimes of repression over women. It turns them into possible artwork that visually indentifies traditional folklore, religious and other identities.