Socially distorted beauty

My creative opus is characterized by a strong feminine beauty, but on the inside leaves a deep criticism towards mass-media, conventionality and magazine art. My works of art are critique of the consumer society, which not just products, they sell values, pictures, concepts about love and sexuality, images about success. They tell us who we are and who we are meant to be, by leaving behind the normal values. It started with the urge to make an art piece from something real, material existing, which afterwards will be put through filters from my thoughts and points of view for the same subject. I’ve made a research with target to learn and understand the factors that made this socially distorted beauty. The factors that modify the definition that the beauty as experience often involves interpretation of a human being. When do we become slaves to this absolute perfection which has a purpose to depart us from our real needs, meanwhile poison us with extreme criterions making the spiritual not important.