Second Freedom

Photo credits: Petra Veber

Freedom is a violent project that is constantly faced with the danger of falling back under the prosecuting authorities, which is safe and comfortable, while at the same suffocating. Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. If you want to liberate Peru, go ahead and liberate Peru. If you want to save the whales, go ahead and save the whales. But the most courageous act is still thinking with your own head – aloud.

The second freedom means that no one is excluded rathar than implying that anything is possible. The meaning of this sentence can be very different and always depends on the individual who chooses to be free. Somewhat simplified – the project is practicing freedom in an unfree society. This practicing of freedom can be very complex and often difficult. Yet, it is the only emancipatory political action.

The performance Second Freedom is a form of creative expression that decides to escape the logic of the market and encourages the differentiation between reality and fantasy, between truth and propaganda.