Pressure me

The concept Pressure me was initially created as performance performed in 2011 in New York gallery Rabbit Hole, and re-enacted in Belgrade, Bern, Zenva and again New York. First part of this series of works was the act of tattooing and body installation – tattooing of pink tailor meter tied in knot around waste hips and breasts, fixed at the ”ideal proportion”. Abstract standards of beauty, (self) applied to living female body, are captured and materialized in it and thus forced to expand, deform, and distort, creating the complex, incoherent whole in order to finally be substantiated or abolished. In the period from 2011 to 2015 the artist has researched through different medias (video/gif, performance, sculpture, handicrafts, installations ) the social pressure on women’s bodies, dealing with all the painful rituals that women carry out on daily basis on their own bodies in order to reach/achieve/get closer to the socially constructed ideals of beauty.