Magna Mater – chapter 21st

The project Magna Mater is based on the idea of women as pillars of modern society, or, as the very definition of Magna Mater reads, Mistress of nature. The series of posters showing the everyday things we do not pay attention to: a casserole, a rolling pin, a bucket, an apple, a pad … All of these things actually make the essence of the life of a woman. Starting from the notion that a woman is born to cook, clean, she also longs for attention and compliments (as shown on the work Compliment). For her, due to a lack of confidence, the spoon is the source of dissatisfaction, not a tool to feed your body (work Hunger), a pleasant conversation with a friend, almost always is interpreted as gossiping (Friendship). Despite the condemnations of society, she (the woman) can always find a way to counteract the stereotypes that is holding her back.

The series of posters has a task to send a clear message to the society- the things on the outside don’t make a woman, nor do the tools which she uses, but the real value lies in her inner beauty and strength.