Made With Love

Made With Love

In Made With Love, Reba examines the social and private roles of a woman as an artist, a mother, a partner, a precarious worker. Faced with the economic reality, giving birth and the creation of a new life as a so called “cosmic” experience is degraded into unrecognised and self-evident carework that, other than emotional, has no proper social status. The artist juxtaposes the ideology of motherhood as well as woman’s happiness and fulfilment with the feeling of uneasiness. The idyllic picture of family cosiness (where the traditional roles are already dissolving) is troubled by anxiety, uncertainty, effort, necessity. On the other hand, the family, with its social role of disciplining also turns out to be the place of the unseizable, the ludist, the chaotic – i.e. a place of creation. For this reason, this well-structured performance transitions into performative vagueness and affective impetuosity.

The life of a family and a mother is problematized mainly from the standpoint of the contemporary precarious working conditions of artistic activity, which erase the difference between work (social) and private life – their equalisation is no longer a matter of political declarativity but a necessity. Production occupies the entire field of life, and in precarious working conditions, production and reproduction get mixed. If the family sphere is included in work, can its products therefore be socially and economically valued? How much is a child worth? What is the economic value of giving birth? And what is the economic value generated by an artwork?

Author, director and choreographer: Teja Reba
Performed by: Teja Reba, Loup Abramovici, Ava Nuria Reba Abramovici, Bela Su Reba Abramovici, Eduardo Raon
Dramaturge: Suzana Koncut

Sound design and original music: Eduardo Raon
Space and light design: Meta Grgurevič and Jaša
Light design and technical supervision: Igor Remeta
Photographer: Nada Žgank
Graphic design: AjdinBašič

Production manager and executive producer: Tina Dobnik
Public relations: JanjaTekavec

Produced by: Maska