Labour of love

Woman reproduces for free the workforce that is quintessential in capitalism. She gives birth to, nurtures, services and loves the workforce that capital will later benefit from. Her work is degraded, artfully disguised as a labor of love, and as such it is not considered a socio-economic activity that has value, but as a natural service of women to society. A woman who performs domestic work is a force behind the entire human labor, constantly exploited for the benefit of capitalist accumulation. Systemic attack on women is directed towards their entire being as well as their sexuality. Within the patriarchal and capitalist framework, female sexuality is reduced to passivity, receptivity, sublimation and almost resistance to her own sexual needs. Sexuality is in the service of capitalistic objectives which consider functions of the uterus, vagina and clitoris only in the reproduction of the workforce. Within an isolated sphere of home, the woman is an object over which a man expresses dissatisfaction towards the system which exploits him, or over whom he exercises the power that he is deprived of by that very system. Being deprived of autonomy and creativity, both in her own sexuality, and in the process of socio-economic production, women recognize and build their identity in a role of housewife. Isolated inside the house ghetto, they do not learn about their own political resources, possibilities of their use and the possibilities of social organization. The struggle for denaturalization of housework is a political struggle. The position of housewives and the struggle for their liberation is determinant for the position of all other women.