Here come the women

The position of women after World War II is in the focus of the work ‘ Here come the women ‘. The work relies on a research done in collaboration with Andreja Dugandžić within “What has our struggle given us?” project, which is manifested in an Online Archive of the Antifascists struggle of women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia ( The work communicates changes in policies towards women, comparing the period of war, women’s mobilization in army ranks and background struggle, and after the war, their participation in building Yugoslavia, especially through voluntary work, to the period of 50s, which mark the reversal, when women are again called to their “natural” roles of mothers, housewives, educators and nurses, where we witness the general trend of retraditionalization. She went to war because war meant freedom. They have fallen for freedom. Here come the women! Here come the women! We long for work and toil. Our work is our duty. This is no longer a fight where we spill our blood, we spill our sweat now. We go to work singing. When we work, we work really hard. Your equality is taken care of and it is implied. Are you afraid that you will not get democracy? Are you afraid that you will not have the rights for which you fought? Let’s accomplish the given tasks. The issue of working with women is the issue of the battle for a new mother, housekeeper, politically and educationally mature woman. A woman who learns 30 characters, will not become an enlightened woman, mother or housewife. The party has set out for our organization to bring up the children. To free women, we have to train them to become real builders of socialism, because mothers are the first educators of children. Marriage and family are protected by the state.