Exorcism of Devil /Shaytaan out of Eve/Hawwa

Work Exorcism of Devil /Shaytaan out of Eve/Hawwa deals with the stereotype that only Islam has a bad attitude towards women, as well as the stereotype that Christianity in this respect is more advanced than Islam.

In the focus of the installation are three female relief torsos that represents nowaday women, which are the myths about the origin of women from men, have led to a general acceptance of contempt for woman. Not only contempt for women by men, but also to the inner self-loathing by women. The woman is forced to carry the burden of guilt which is old as the myth of exile from paradise. Her body, which is the source of all the “problems” according to orders of men should be covered in the East, or to be corrected with the aesthetic intervention in the West, because men’s judgment is God’s judgment.

Over women’s bodies are projected quotes related to woman, from the Qur’an and the Bible, in no particular order and with no claims on its origin. Reading the quotes it is very difficult to determine from which holy book they come, because both treat women in the same way. In this way, the boundary between East and West will be deleted and lead to the meaninglessness of the mentioned stereotypes.