Distitled “Crucifixtion”

This work was first prezented in the frames of the `The Art of Failure: Affective Aliens` exhibition in Mala Stanica – Skopje, Curated by S. Dimitrov 2014.

“Following up on the series of projects “Distitled,” in this project I continue examining the affects and relations of melancholy, loss, mourning and failure in general as a political and social position in a broader spectre. An object (a display of a skinned dead animal) made from cotton/silicon filling/polyester/plastic is placed in the middle of the installation. A single ray of light falls on the object focussed above the installation, falling from the gallery’s ceiling. A Rembrandt – like atmosphere of a long forgotten basement, dark and cold. Still, the light penetrates to the object which will not allow us forget the trauma haunting us. The broken toy acquires a dimension of Bacon’s crucifixion, the image appearing in front of the spectator testifies of a massacre, a crucified decomposing body, a body that will never again be the body we once recognized as a shelter. A body that continues to maintain its place in our archive as a point to which we inevitably return, a point that continues to define all our future fears, shame, relations and loves. By selecting these specific materials I evoke a childish playfulness, a memory of comfort and carelessness, experienced somewhere, in a space time difficult to locate from today’s perspective; a contrast that displaces the comfort of the child’s memory in a context testifying of the catastrophic, irretrievable state of a memory.