Apparition (of Virgin Mary)

In the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in transition we are witnessing a special relationship between religious icons and social aspects of capital accumulation. In many cities, the new architecture is reduced to construction of churches and huge shopping centers. What is the role of religion in relation to global politics and culture today?

In this performance the artist appears as a sort of phantom figure of the Virgin Mary and stands on a pedestal composed of stacks of printed brochures from the supermarket. Advertisements have been mainly for the special prices of food, drinks and basic necessities. After a while she is descending from the pedestal and spreads brochures on the floor in the shape of a cross, after which she then walks.

Made in several versions, this performance, in addition to playing with the traditional and patriarchal figure of Divine, examines how it is possible that the new sanctuary consists of both consumer centers and churches? Furthermore, the question is why are places of public gatherings that would be open and accessible to all – disappearing.