All beauty must die!

The political imagination of Velimir Zernovski imagines the community from exactly this place where we all are undone from one another and where we are exposed to the risk of loss, mourning, suffering, the place of the relation that fundamentally makes us all on the other side of any provincial attempt to enclose and finally identify the mutual origin and Truth. The relation is a volcano whose excess can never be predicted in full, a flow which takes us to places we can only dream of, yet to places we never have the courage to dream of, to imagine. The relation is the crack of every political order, its condition and hangman. This crack is an index of the always necessary failure of every political project and the impossibility for absolute and infinite identical self-regeneration. In the relation protrudes the future still not present, as the only possibility for the singular, unique and various modes of being-in-community, as the only possibility for a democratic revision of the violent political aspirations. All beauty must die! All beauty must die! All beauty must die! Another world is possible!