5:15 pm

Trans population in this time of ours and in these spaces we inhabit is often marginalized and unaccepted. Actually, quite unusual this population seems, a lot of people find them obscure which provides intolerance and fear. It is not the only population unfamiliar to the people, in fact every divergence from the ‘ordinary’, most often because of ignorance and misguided beliefs, provokes fear and discomfort.

The idea of this project is, which was presented during Pride Week (2016), to depict trans people in a peer, classical, documentary way conducting everyday activities specific to everybody, without emphasising discrepancys, to remind us on Unity and Oness of all human beings. Those are portraits of some trans woman and man ‘caught’ in a specific time of day, at five fifteenn p.m. – at work, on a drink, walking, depending on situation.