Nina Đurđević

Nina Đurđević

Photography and me are friends for over twenty years now, my longest relationship I could say, which changed some over the years. Now I am a freelance photography artist in my late thirties. I mastered cinematography at Academy of dramatic arts in Zagreb and made an MA in photography at Academy of arts in Novi Sad (Serbia).

Also, I attend workshops when I get the chance to. I enjoy creating exhibitions, it is my way of expressing whit out censure or criticism. Through my series I explore.. sometimes myself, sometimes the world around me. I have had several group and solo exhibitions, and some collaborations with artists from other sections.

– MA in cinematography, Academy of dramatic arts, Zagreb (2002-08)
– MA studies photography, Art Academy Novi Sad, Serbia (2011-13)
– ULUPUH (Image artists’ association), (2011-) – Croatian Freelance Artists Assotiation (2017-)
– photographs of the series object(ive) are in the holdings of Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb