BeFem – feminist cultural center is a Serbian feminist group established in March 2011 but actively working in the feminist field since mid 2009.

BeFem promotes ideas and politics of feminism and encourages young women to get involved and contribute in re/constructing reality. Main course of the BeFem is the BeFem festival of feminist culture and action. Festival is a continuation of what the feminist movement has been doing so far and at the same time it is opening new fields of action through dialogue and initiatives with feminists with different background. Every year BeFem is formed through cooperation between activists, theorists and musicians from Balkan region and Sweden.

Apart from the festival, BeFem organizes the course “Feminist Media Culture: Gender Production”, in cooperation with Center for Women’s Studies within the one-year undergraduate programme of Women’s Studies. In the course of a semester, teachers and programme participants, female and male, problematize various media practices concerning the production and representation of gender and minority identities, as well as the media construction of social reality. From 2014 BeFem organizes media and PR trainings for women cooperatives also as the Summer Feminist Meeting of the young women from villages in Bezdan in cooperation with Labris and Feronia.