Members of WoW Group Slovenia

Sammar Al Kerawe

was born in 1984 in Bagdad, Iraq and is currently an asylum seeker in Slovenia, where she applied for asylum one year ago. She is a hairdresser by occupation. Currently she is learning Slovenian language. She is active in different social programs in Slovenia. She received a certificate from a tourist guide course. She is a committed advocate for gender equality and women’s rights. Gender-based discrimination is one of the main reasons that forced her to leave Iraq. She dreams of an inclusive world with equal rights and justice for all.

Favour Edokpayi Musa

My name is Favour Edokpayi Musa. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1986. I live in Slovenia, Ljubljana. I am interested in empowering women and young girls. I am a YouTuber and on my chanel Evelynnaturalbeauty I inform women about possibilities of natural beauty. I enjoy seeing women in general being confident about themselves. Where I come from 80% women lost confidence in themselves because of pressure from male dominated culture. I am eager to form a platform where women would be able to talk about women in our present societies, a safe space for women. To transform the culture(society) into more inclusive for women, where they would not be pressured to marry and have children at the very tender age, because of cultural pressure.

Victoriia Pospelova

Viktoriia Pospelova was born in Russia in 1997. She started writing fiction and drawing as a teen. At the age of 15 Viktoriia and her family had to leave the country because of political reasons. From February 2017 on she’s been working at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Metelkova and at the same time she started getting into politics and feminism as well among arts.

One of Viktoriia’s main goals is to teach people feminist theory and introduce problems women face in everyday life to the mass through art. That’s why she wants to participate in the program, since she hopes she will get more knowledge and new skills needed to start what she would love to work on in the future.

Viktoriia’s key interests are art (drawing, writing), music (performing), and mental health.

Samar Zughool

Samar Zughool, born in Amman-Jordan in 1986, is an intercultural trainer, theater actress and non-formal educator. She is a resident of Slovenia since 2014. She develops and implements non-formal educational tools based on the experiential learning cycle, the intercultural sensitivity scale and the pedagogy of the oppressed. She is passionate about artivism, through theater she tackles issues related to global injustice and gender-based discrimination. She received the Prešeren award for students from the faculty of social sciences for her master’s thesis “The role of Women’s Rights Movements in Reforming Public Policies after the Arab Spring”. She is a committed feminist toward global justice beyond gender and nations.

Azadeh Hashemzadeh

Azadeh Hashemzadeh was born in 1988 in Iran. She graduated in the field of photography and worked from 2004 to 2011 in different companies as a photo / video editor and photographer. In 2011 she opened her own photography company. In 2018 she moved to Slovenia with her husband to ask for asylum and in 2019 she received a permanent status. She is attending courses of Slovenian language and works voluntarily at Slovenska filantropija in Ljubljana almost every day. Communicating with people from different countries helps her to develop her language skills, which she tries hard to be able to continue her education in interior design in Ljubljana. She is also very motivated to work as a photographer and photo editor, so nowadays she photographs asylum seekers and refugees voluntarily in her free time.

Katja Kovač 

was born in 1992 in Serbia. She graduated from the Secondary School of Economics, financial administrator. She came to Slovenia in 2018. She advocates for women’s rights because she noticed that women* are discriminated against in many areas. She is organized, friendly, active and willing to help vulnerable people, because she considers that women suffer much of political, economic, social or family gender based discrimination.She is ready to work together with the WoW Group to take the right and safe steps that can change our society’s codes.

Tanja Završki (group coordinator)

Tanja Završki (1988) je študirala arhitekturo na Univerzi v Ljubljani. Ukvarja se z notranjo opremo in oblikovanjem, predvsem pa s povezovanjem aktivizma in kulture na področjih feminizma, veganstva, antirasizma, antikapitalizma, kvir in lezbičnega aktivizma. Ob 2016 naprej soustvarja v samoorganizirani skupini No-Boder Craft v Rogu. Od 2017 naprej je del kolektiva Lezbične četrti (Škuc). V 2018-19 je z organizacijo arhitekturno-likovnih medkulturnih delavnic sodelovala v projektu New Mappings of Europe v MSUMu. Na Mestu žensk je koordinatorka skupine WoW (Women on Women).