To Hell With It!

Performance To Hell With It! deals with issues of betrayal and blackmail, as well as with personal experience of exploitation based on gender roles. The work consists of two stories and is performed using naration and bodily movement. The first deals with the issue of women’s unpaid domestic labor and lack of male family members’ solidarity, while the other looks into women being subject to sexual blackmail by men, as well as the pressure women are exposed to when facing important decisions.

The performance process is based on Brechtian understanding of theater and his Learning plays, as well as on (un)professionalism, equality and autodidacticism, in the search of new relations in the field of labor, artistic production and production in general.

Our own experiences are being transformed into an artistic act, we are determined to siege the role of the professional presenter using our own voices and bodies and represent ourselves, leaving no room for recuperation. The props that we use in this performance are items that we have at hand which allows us to build independence from the system that enslaves us. Using objects from the personal arsenal, the ones that we own because we are opressed, we tackle the patriarchate in shamanistic act of exposing the things as they really are, determined not to drop our existing gestures, but rather – in the encounter with the audience – we are crossing the line and showing that we are rebelling.