Rave, a dancer-vocalist duet, is characterized by a primal scream, which throughout the performance “becomes a scream of confession and develops into a song with no words”, because the two bodies “communicate in something greater than words”, wrote La Parafe’s critic after the premiere. Kejžar and de Elche appeal to existing and future forms of existences beyond the dominant semiologic borders and beyond the dominant ideological verbalization.

This unusual couple will “bring you back to the other … the other, who is in you and with whom you converse without even realising it at that precise moment,” added the critic. In the performance, the artists embody “a being with two backs, or better, with two mouths that will not be divided in the process of birth – birth implies an imbalance – but will grow like two cells born from one or like two leaves, which grew from the same bud.” The sensual connection between them is “not like cigarette smoke from Genet’s Un chant d’amour, which travels through the prison wall, but a voice, for which you are not completely aware who it belongs to at the beginning”, concludes the Parafe’s critic.