Naming the bridge: Rosa Plaveva and Nakie Bajram

This research based project presents Ivanoska’s experience with the local Skopje authorities after she submitted a proposal for naming a new bridge after two women protestors, Rosa Plaveva and Nakie Bajram active in the emancipation processes in Macedonia in first half of the 20th century. This initiative was prompted by decision-makers’ lack of sensitivity to gender issues as well as the city’s more obvious division between the different ethnic and religious communities. In the text for the premier of the work presented as а three-channel video projection at The Foundation for Women’s Art in London (June 2006), the curator of this project and theorist Suzana Milevska wrote: “The project is a rare example of an individual initiative that looks at the issue of the veil with a sensitivity unburdened by the conflicts of the past; an attempt to build a bridge between the different stances towards the veil in conflicting intellectual and cultural camps”. In 2008 with the documentation of the project Ivanoska created a magazine that is multifunctional because the content can be rearranged, there is a space for writing personal thoughts, and each of the pages can be used as posters that can be placed in different locations.