Family meals

Croatian middle class family during series of breakfasts and lunches tries to talk about things that really matter to them – hippy style of the parents in 70ies, daughters homosexuallity, brothers illness, war, cooking and of course about Grandma Poison. Sincere portrait of a family and all the challenges in a tourbulent times, precise storytelling rich in twists and identification points for the audience, ‘Family meals’ is like a good dinner, spiced with love, tears and glass of wine.

Dana Budisavlević: “I had no idea silence bothered us this much and made us so unhappy. I only realised it while I was making this film. I started from my own pain because my parents did not accept and support me as lesbian, but soon it became clear that the story went deeper, that the reason was lack of communication and that there reasons should be analysed from all sides. By making this film I became aware of the fact that I was also hurting other people’s feelings and that silence was like a whirling spiral: you are hurting the next person in the chain and it seems as though there is no way out. I don’t know any other way.”