Am I enough art for you?

Performance Am I enough art for you? is focused on the motherhood (only on the woman, not on the child) and the reproductive rights and it is coming from the constant bombing, from all the mainstream media, with the images or projections of the motherhood and what it means to women (or to transgender women) in a deeply patriarchal Macedonian society. At, which point, the motherhood was taken from the woman and given to the state as its property or worse, property of the political party? (The Government’s campaigns for a higher birth rate and against the right to choose constitute a direct intrusion into the woman’s body, the value of which is asserted by its capability and productivity in the process of creating new voters for the party).

The concept of performance will not have a strict frame. In some parts it will depend on the reaction of the public and therefore we will develop it together in interaction between the audience and the performer. The first contact we get with this performance is with a box placed on a square or any public space where people move frequently. It is a simple black box with “There is a theatre/woman inside” written on it. When we peek inside the box we’ll see a vividly alive sculpture of a female organ during a menstruation period. The reactions of the audience will be recorded (with a small hidden camera inside the box) and they will become active participants (with their reactions) in the second part of the performance. The idea behind this is to catch the first, non-rational, instinctive reactions on a process known as natural. In the space for the performance, when the audience arrives at the entrance, there will be a naked woman with stains of blood between her legs, with a box instead of a head, where it will stand a question: Am I enough art for you?