Cultural Gender Practices Network

The Platform arises from the need for a free and safe space where activist, intellectual, artistic and cultural production can take place, which will contribute to the visibility of various feminist practices and technologies of resistance. Regional women’s, feminist and queer festivals, media websites and initiatives belong to the continuity of feminist practices in the nEXt YU area, while at the same time they open up new fields of action and voice a new generation of feminists with different private and public histories. Members of the platform are collaborating in different projects, the main one in this period is WoW – Women on Women.


To increase independent media, artistic and cultural gender-sensitive productions. By creating virtual and securing physical space for a transdisciplinary and creative action, thought and expression in the field of new cultural gender practices, we will stimulate the development of new strategic guidelines and programs which will encourage production within the South East Europe.

To increase mobility, networking and an exchange of knowledge and experience among artists, activists and theorists in both real and cyber space. To strengthen the regional connection among gender prefixed actors in the field of culture and to open the channels of cooperation with inter(trans)national gender prefixed art groups and initiatives. To establish cooperation with local, regional and foreign artists, groups and institutions in order to increase the platform’s significance in the region and in Europe, and to provide the members of the network (as well as the artists, curators and producers who cooperate with them) with greater mobility, better cooperation and an expansion and improvement of their activities. This will directly strengthen the impact and outreach of the art platform for program exchange, which will include all members of the network.

To increase visibility and the social impact of gender-sensitive cultural, artistic, theoretical and activist practices in public (local, regional, international) space.

To facilitate the entry of young women into the cultural and artistic scene, increase their number and presence as well as the variety of roles and activities within the cultural scene. The creation of conditions which would provide the realization of potential of young women in the cultural, artistic and social sphere opens an educational field in which a long-term program cooperation among the organizations of the Southeast Europe region would take place.

To ensure the presence of gender prefixed debate in the public sphere. By participating in advocating activities adapted to the national context, members of the network will participate in coordination in the area of SE Europe, which is one of the most important long-term cooperation activities of the organizations involved, as the coordinated actions will contribute to the strengthening and the impact of the platform, the theoretical and artistic production and ensure the changes of the social climate which are necessary for making a more inclusive cultural policies.